McGahee Griffin Stewart Funeral | Cornelia , GA (2024)

"Our family has always used your services and have always been treated with respect and comfort. We appreciate all of you and will continue to use your services when needed. Thank you!" - Family of Judy Owenby

"McGahee-Griffin & Stewart is a great funeral home." - Family of Nancy Dodd

"If you want your loved one honored and your family to feel special and feel they really matter, this is the funeral home to go to. They make you feel like you are a part of their family and your loved one is one of their loved ones." - Family of James Webb

"The staff took the stress out of planning my sister's funeral. They had the answer and explanation for every question" - Family of Pattie Stephens

"We are happy with your attention to all of our needs. Thank you so much. You handled my sister too. I have only good memories." - Family of Michael Lee McCallister

"Sara, and the rest of the staff were extremely supportive and comforting through this most difficult time. We'll never forget their compassion! Thank you." - Family of T. Daulton McLendon

"We had a really good experience with the staff in our hour of grief. Our family is so grateful for all services." - Family of Shane Millwood

"Experiencing the loss of our mom was devastating. The McGahee-Griffin & Stewart Staff were very understanding, patient, and caring. They helped ease the pain we were experiencing by showing how much they cared for us and also with the understanding that they knew what we were experiencing. Would highly recommend McGahee-Griffin & Stewart to anyone in their time of need." - Family of Betty Irvin

"I just can't express the love and care that I felt from everyone there. You all went above and beyond to help me and my family get through the most difficult times of our lives. The deaths of both Greg and Bruce. Thank you and may God richly bless each of you." - Love, Carolyn

"Y'all were so helpful and kind to me; absolutely beautiful funeral home; don't change a thing because you're doing great work! Thanks so much for everything." - Family of Sara Moores

"We made arrangements prior to my father's passing. All expectations were beautifully met thanks to Jonathan and staff. Making a very difficult time much easier!" - Family of Ioan Pop

"It could not have been any better. We appreciate all." - Family of JR Reems

"Thank you for all you've done for my family to lift the burden of losing my mother." - Family of Cathy Lee

"Our family has been through several funerals with McGahee-Griffin & Stewart. We always feel that we receive the best care possible. Thank you all so much for your services, flexibility, and patience through this trying time for our family." - Family of Kim Andrews Couch

"Thank you all for everything during this difficult time!" - Family of Kathryn Bellotte

"Jim was cremated, and Mr. Allen streamlined the process for us, answering our questions, guiding us, and being with us every step of the way." - Family of James Sutton

"Very satisfied with personnel on site and at graveside. Great follow up, kind, warm, caring. If we lived in the area we would pre-plan our funeral with this funeral home. My mother would be pleased." - Family of Velma Sewell

"Mom's appearance: make-up, hair, nails, lipstick, etc. were exceptional. She was beautiful. Also the casket flowers that you recommended were also beautiful at an affordable price. Your entire staff did a great job." - Family of Sophie Powers

"I could not have asked for a better experience during such a difficult time. Everyone was caring and compassionate, took the time to make sure all our questions were answered, and seemed to really care about what they do. Would highly recommend your services to anyone whom may need them." - Family of Bruce Rodgers

"Very professional, grounds well kept, inside well maintained." - Family of Paul Fowler

"This funeral home has always been there for my family, even in 1976 when my brother and grandfather passed away. They have always been excellent and I would recommend them to everyone." - Family of Eva Beck

"The entire staff was kind and compassionate. They went above and beyond to make the entire experience as easy as they could during our time of loss. They continually asked if we needed anything to help. They obviously consider what they do more than a joy." - Family of Melba Wiley

"I have used McGahee-Griffin & Stewart Funeral Home for several loved ones who have passed. I could not be more joyful of the service, care of service, and presentation. The family was treated very respectful and with care." - Family of Bobby Murray

"Keep up the good work for God and family. Thanks a lot." - Family of Verlon Brock

"Melba had made her arrangements ahead of time and they were carried out just as she wanted them to be. You all are very special people and we are most grateful." - Family of Melba Dodd

"Everything went very smooth. You have a great staff" - Family of Betty Jo White

"You made Joel's last few days here very "Him". The last ride in the "Hoss Hearse" was awesome. Thank you Robbie for that suggestion. It was totally him. It wasn't easy doing his funeral, but you all made it pleasant and carefree for me. I'm so thankful for all of you. You just took it all on yourself and let me spend my last few days with him. Thanks will never be enough. Until I see him again. God Bless you all!" - Family of Joel Dodd

"The funeral director was not pushy at getting me to buy the most expensive things I needed. We discussed beforehand about my pricing. Thanks again." - Family of Carol Houston

"Very Friendly and Helpful." - Family of Jerry Carroll

"Very nice people!!!" - Family of Beryle Clark

"Our uncertainty of what to do was professionally and with all respect handled so that we were very comfortable with their help and suggestions. We do appreciate their excellent and knowledgeable staff." - Family of Nancy Barron

"The staff at MGS were great. Everyone was very kind and helpful. Everyone was very helpful during our making the arrangements." - Family of Brenda Heath

"Was excellent on doing what they were told." - Family of Betty Davidson

"Very pleased with everything." - Family of Leonard Roscoe Burrell

"Excellent!!! They're truly from "God"!!! Love employees!!! Recommend to everyone!!! Thank you!!!" - Family of Henry Tench

"We could not have been treated better than we were. Thank you for your concern and compassion." - Dorothy, Family of Nat Davis

"The staff are like family! They care, are compassionate, and met all our needs! Jonathan, Sara, Allen, and others went beyond to comfort and help us! I and my family are truly grateful!" - Robin, Family of Terry Funk

"Staff and owners are great people and very helpful." - Family of Grady Gerrell

"Quality, professional service." - Family of Edna Black

"Sara was so nice and caring. She went above and beyond to help us when our father passed. We will always be grateful for her. Everyone we met were also great." - Family of Erskine Parks

"The staff at MGS always goes above and beyond my expectations. The facility is very neat, clean, and tastefully decorated. Very pleased with the service." - Family of Alma Crane

"They were very good with preplanning four years ago and helped walk us through everything. That's why my family has used them throughout the years. Thank you." - Family of Ruby Free

"Excellent staff and service." - Family of Wesley Dodd, Jr.

The staff went above and beyond to help our family during the entire process. Thank you for being so kind and dedicated to your customers during the grieving times; you made it as easy as you could on our family." - Family of J.B. Stephens

"We were more than satisfied with the process from beginning to end. The staff went above and beyond to make this experience as painless as possible. We will be forever grateful." - Family of Robert Bellamy

"You guys did a wonderful job with my mom. She would have been proud. God bless each and every one of you for the jobs you do." - Family of Dollie Lively

"Thank you for everything!" - Family of Kelly McCue

"Thank you for making one of the hardest days of our lives a little less stressful. Your compassion, kindness, and love shown to our family will never be forgotten. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!" - Family of Joyce Armour

"Thank you so much." - Family of Lillie Hunnicutt

"I highly recommend McGahee to anyone in that area." - Family of Pauline Ivie

"Everyone was so caring and thoughtful." - Family of Gerald Harkins

"We were totally satisfied with the entire experience. The entire staff was wonderful, especially Mr. Addis who was our main contact from the start. We couldn't have asked for more." - Family of Mary Frances Colston

"We were pleased with everything. The staff are all so sweet and loving people and truly make you feel like family. Thank you for all that you do for the families of Habersham." - Family of Lynn Morgan

"Very professional and attentive. They made everything as easy as it could possibly be; wouldn't change anything." - Family of Shirley Edwards

"My children and I were very pleased with our service. The staff are so professional and comforting. We would not choose any other service that yours. Thank you for taking such great care of my husband and my family." - Family of William Clark

"Absolutely satisfied with service. Caring, patient, and made things easy at the most difficult time." - Family of Keith Wilson

"Very good." - Family of Karen Griffin

"Thanks to everyone for the kindness and consideration that was shown to me and my family. The entire staff was so caring and considerate." - Family of Bonnie Crocker

"Please accept my appreciation for the great job ya'll did in handling my beloved wife's funeral. Our entire family was extremely happy and it helped us to look back with lots of pleasant memories. Everything went well." - Family of Bobbie Foster (John C., Clayton, & David)

"She was beautiful. Ya'll did a wonderful job. Made us feel like family." - Family of Lonia Mae Gunter

"From the moment I entered the building, I was made to feel comfortable and supported." - Family of Bo Zimmerman

"Everyone at the funeral home helped comfort and helped us with planning and executing the funeral service. We felt they were a part of us. Thanks to the staff!" - Family of Joyce Smith

"The funeral was more than we could have ever asked for and everyone did their jobs perfectly." - Family of James & Marvene Tatum

"Very caring people." - Family of Cecil Callahan

"All staff very helpful!" - Family of Tommy Head

"Thanks for everything." - Elizabeth, Family of Ann Brown

"You were helful with other problems after the funeral, for which I am very grateful." - Family of William Short

"We couldn't have asked for any better service from staff. Thank you." - Family of Robert Gene McDuffie

"The staff at MGS were completely helpful, courteous, and accommodating to our needs and desires. They displayed true hospitality and professionalism, along with being very friendly." - Family of Johnnie Katherine Sulc

"So pleased, so understanding, very helpful. In my time of need they took me thru process and are still there in my time of grief." - Family of Jerry Carter

"Thanks for being so patient. Everything was really awesome and I would recommend anyone to ya'll." - Family of Scott Arflin

"Thank you all for your kindness shown toward me and my family during this time. Please note also how kind the men were that picked up mother from my home. They were so nice." Family of Lucille Williams

"The staff is excellent at showing they truly care and making an extremely difficult moment as easy as possible. Any thing we needed, someone was always right there ready to help. We truly appreciate you all!" - Family of Ernest Underwood

McGahee Griffin Stewart Funeral | Cornelia , GA (2024)
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