Spring 2024 Graduation (2024)

  • Temple University

Spring 2024 Graduation (3)

Watch the Graduation Live Stream!

Spring 2024 Graduation (4)

2024 Spring Graduation Livestream

Watch the College of Liberal Arts graduation live stream on Thursday, May 9, 2024 at 9:30 a.m.

Congratulations, Class of 2024!

The past few years presented great and unprecedented challenges. Nonetheless, you exhibited the grit which inspired the Temple motto: Perseverance Conquers.

Now is the time to celebrate your achievements and reflect on your accomplishments.

You are the next generation of civic-minded, globally conscious creative thinkers and innovators prepared to put your hard-earned knowledge and skill sets into action and create positive change.

We wish you all the success in your next endeavor and wherever your wings take you going forward. Once an Owl, always an Owl.

Dean Richard Deeg

Commencement Schedule

The 137thCommencementceremony will take place onWednesday, May 8, 2024 at 10:00 am.The ceremony is held at the Liacouras Centerand runs approximately 90 minutes.

College of Liberal Arts May Undergraduate Graduation Ceremony
Thursday, May 9, 2024
9:30 a.m.
The Liacouras Center

College of Liberal Arts May Graduate Graduation Ceremony
Wednesday, May 8, 2024
2:30 p.m.
Mazur Hall 17

Spring 2024 Graduation (5)

Graduation Ceremony Speakers

Undergraduate Ceremony - May 9

Richard Deeg, PhD
Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Guinevere Freeland, BA ’24

Oluwagbemisola Osinubi, BA ’24


Annette McMenamin Bakley,PhD
Senior Vice Dean for Undergraduate Affairs

Graduate Ceremony - May 8

Richard Deeg, PhD
Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Miriam Solomon, PhD
Professor, Department of Philosophy

Irene Cedano
Graduating Masters Student,Masters of Public Policy

Julia Falcon
Director, Graduate Affairs​

Julia Falcon, PhD
Director, Graduate Affairs​

Class of 2024 Graduates

Doctor of Philosophy

May 2024

  • George J. Aulisio,Philosophy; Reframing Mental Causation
  • C. Rebekah Banerjee,Psychology and Neuroscience; Examining Feedback Loop Thinking as a Mental Model: Development and Analysis of a New Measure
  • Grace E. Bennett-Pierre,Psychology and Neuroscience; Understanding the Structure and Correlates of Non-Rigid Spatial Skills
  • Courtney Carr,Africology and African American Studies; Kukataa: An Afrocentric Exploration of Non-Governmental Organizations Refusal in the Context of Female Genital Cutting in Tanzania
  • Joseph Daniel Eanett,History; Germ Cultures: United States Army and Navy Surgeons' Fight to Change Military Culture, 1898-1918
  • Joy K. Ham,Psychology and Neuroscience; Adopting a Curious Mindset Regulates Negative Emotion in the Context of a Social Threat
  • Kevin R. Hensler,Religion; When Calling on the Name of the LORD Began: A Study of Genesis 4:26b, Its Meaning, Origins, and Ancient Legacy
  • Chloe Hyun Huh Prudente,Spanish and Portuguese;Family Across the Seas: Asian Diasporas in the Americas
  • Abdul-Jabaar Oladipo Isiaq, Africology and African American Studies; In Search of Ubuntu Rap: The Construction of the Umfundisi Rap Technique as a Model for the Expression of Ma'at in Rap Lyrics
  • Nicole Juliana Johnson, Criminal Justice; Assessing Spillover Effects of Drug Markets on Gun Violence Across a Network of Neighborhoods
  • Sevdenur Koru,Political Science; Understanding Persistent Interventions in Civil Wars
  • Brandon Miller,English; A Century New for the Duty and the Deed: Black Speculative Fiction at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
  • Kim V. Nguyen,Psychology and Neuroscience; Neural Coding of Episodic and Spatial Representations in Development
  • Renata Pontes de Queiroz,Spanish and Portuguese; Afro-Spirituality, Diasporic Commons, and Performative Politics in Caribbean Women's Narratives
  • Elizabeth Riedman,Geography and Urban Studies; Greening with Care: Exploring Environmental Justice in Philadelphia's Urban Green Infrastructure Through a Feminist Labor Lens
  • Stanley Gibson Schwartz,History; From Battlefields to Political Prominence: Civil War Officers' Wartime Experiences, Postwar Politics, and US Security Policies; 1865-1900
  • Jessica L. Sitek,Religion; The Military Chaplain: Inscribing A Protestant Ethos on American Public Religion
  • Nadia S. Tavassolie,Psychology and Neuroscience; Using Books to Improve Mental Rotation Skills with 4- and 5-Year-Old Children
  • Michelle B. Taylor,Africology and African American Studies; Black Mamas on the Screen: African Matriarchy and African American Motherhood in Spike Lee Joints
  • Bihui Wang,Sociology; The Economic Disadvantages of Asian Immigrants: Credentialism or Disparities in Human Capitol
  • Abby E. Whitaker,History;Sesame Street and the Making of Fuzzy Liberalism
  • Keisha I. Wiel,Anthropology; Language Ideologies and Identity Construction in Aruban and Curacaoan Schools
  • Can Zengin,Political Science; The Role of Self-Conscious Emotions in Polarized Societies

December 2023

  • Brian T. Blackmore, Religion; Quaker Approaches to Queer: Gay and Lesbian in the Liberal Tradition of the Religious Society of Friends
  • KatherineBrelje, Philosophy; Caring for Plants: Care Ethics in Relationships Between Human Carers and Plant Cared-fors
  • Grace F.Cooper, Anthropology; Pursuing Medical Sanctuary in Philadelphia: An Ethnography of Care on the Immigration-Status Spectrum
  • Jeffrey B.Dennison, Psychology; Making Decisions with Limited Information: Forming and Updating Ambiguous Beliefs
  • Michael E. Glass, Philosophy; Kierkegaard and Feuerbach on the Nature of Christianity
  • Matthew S.Marcus, Geography and Urban Studies; Environmental Degradation of the Palm Swamps of the Peruvian Amazon: A Mixed-Methods Investigation
  • Rachel E.Mis, Psychology and Neuroscience;Naturalistic Eye Movements as Clinical Markers of Everyday Cognition in Older Adults
  • KristinaNazimova, Anthropology; Keeping Off the Streets: Institutional Socialization and Care of Children in Angola
  • SinaRazzaghi Asl, Geography and Urban Studies; Examining the Impact of Nature-Based Solutions on Flood Vulnerability and Loss in Small Urbanizing Regions: A Case Study of the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area
  • MerveTansan, Psychology and Neuroscience; Virtual Copetown: Integrating Spatial Relationships Across Separately Learned Routes
  • James D.Taplin, Philosophy; Nietzsche on Culture and Education
  • Francis J.Valencia-Turco,Spanish and Portuguese; Spectaculum facti sumus mundo: La Muerte hecha teatro en la España medieval

August 2023

  • Carm R.Almonor, Africology and African American Studies; An Afrocentric Public Policy Inquiry: Reducing Patriarchy and Hierarchy in K-12 Education
  • Rasheed J.Atwater, Africology and African American Studies;Maatian Manhood: A Cultural Model Toward Geru-Maa
  • Samantha L.Birk,Psychology and Neuroscience;Unpacking Parental Accommodation: Relationship to Parent Distress Tolerance and Parent-Child Co-rumination
  • Elias P.Blinkoff, Psychology and Neuroscience; Evaluating a Research-practice Partnership to Implement Professional Development for Kindergarten Teachers on the Science of Learning
  • TariemBurroughs,Sociology; Service Learning: An Institutional Logics Approach
  • TessaClarkson, Psychology and Neuroscience;Sex differences in neural mechanisms of social and non-social threat monitoring
  • Stanley J.Collins,Sociology;You Can't Just Land on the Moon and Have a Rock Club: A Case Study of Racialization, Gentrification, and Place Reputation in Fishtown
  • John P.Craig,Africology and African American Studies; Wakanda Forever: An Afrocentric Analysis of the Film Black Panther
  • MargaretCrane,Psychology and Neuroscience;The Effect of Caregiver Opinion Leaders to Increase Demand for Evidence-Based Practices for Youth Anxiety: A Randomized Controlled Trial
  • Gina M.Creatura,Psychology and Neuroscience;Contributions of Sleep Quality and Dissociation to Attenuated Positive Psychotic Symptom Severity
  • Erin E.Dunning, Psychology and Neuroscience; The Impact of Stress Exposure on Psychological Outcomes During Emerging Adulthood: The Buffering Role of Psychological Flexibility
  • SuleymanEris,Religion A Theory of Faith and Righteous Deeds in the Qur'an
  • Elan N.French,Psychology and Neuroscience;Body mass index and emotion recognition in young adulthood and its association with executive functioning
  • KatherineHackett,Psychology and Neuroscience;Validation of Smartphone-Derived Digital Phenotypes for Cognitive Assessment in Older Adults
  • SarahHeck,Geography and Urban Studies;Sustainable Futures, Water Infrastructure Legacies and Racial Capitalism: a Case Study of the Mid-Mississippi River Region
  • MarianaHernandez y Rojas,Spanish and Portuguese;En busca del mundo. Dos generaciones de escritores mexicanos proyectadas a la world literature: el Medio Siglo y el Crack
  • Katherine E.Holland,Psychology and Neuroscience;Testng Problem-based Learning as Training About Accommodation in Youth Anxiety
  • ShuoshuoHou, Economics;Essays on Understanding Macroeconomic Fluctuations: an Input-output Network Approach
  • Stefanie I.Kasparek, Political Science;Behind Closed Doors: Informal Governance and Agenda-setting in the United Nations Security Council
  • Marin M. Kautz, Psychology and Neuroscience;Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors in Late Adolescents Following Childhood Maltreatment Mediated by Enhanced Acute Stress-Responsivity
  • Dirk A.Kinsey,Geography and Urban Studies;Emerging Critical Health Geographies of Mass Supervision
  • Edward P. Kost,Economics;Three Essays on the Influence of Peers and Primary Care Engagement
  • AndieleighLaudisio, Religion;Sunni and Shi’i Sectarian Violence in Iraq During the Reconstruction Period (2003- 2005): Implications for Democracy and Dialogue
  • VanessaLoh, English;Impossible Art: Synesthesia, Sensory Mimesis, and the Emergence of Cross-modal Works of Modern Art and Literature
  • Danielle S.Macon,Africology and African American Studies;Soul as a Gateway to Erotic Possibilities: An Afrocentric Study of Black Women’s Musical Narratives as Extensions of Agency and Freedom
  • Emily O.McNamara, Psychology and Neuroscience;Social Media Use, Psychological Well-Being, and the Role of Social Anxiety Among Young Adults
  • Naida E.Montes,Geography and Urban Studies;Housing and Environmental Justice: Developing a Path Forward to a Racially Just and Climate-ready Philadelphia
  • LesleyA.Norris, Psychology and Neuroscience;Using Machine Learning Methods to Predict Treatment Outcome for Anxious Youth
  • Haroon S.Popal, Psychology and Neuroscience;Pinpointing the cerebellum's contribution to social reward processing
  • DanielRaso Llaras, Spanish and Portuguese; The Demise of the Picaresque: Dividual Narratives of the Neoliberal Marketplace in Brazil and Argentina (1881-2000)
  • KristenSorgi-Wilson,Psychology and Neuroscience,Emotion Regulation Abilities and Strategies in Borderline Personality Disorder
  • HuilinZhu,Economics; Three Essays in Health Economics

Master of Arts

May 2024

  • Norah Bedah Alsobiey; English
  • Grace Angelella; Spanish
  • Matthew Atwell; Sociology
  • Presley Layne Berryhill; Criminal Justice
  • Rylee Crosley; Criminal Justice
  • Kevin Thomas Fleming; History
  • Dana Gallant; Sociology
  • Matthew Michael Headley; History
  • Adam Herpolsheimer; Anthropology
  • Leeicia Ophylia Hill; Criminal Justice
  • Caitlin Joyce; Sociology
  • Han Bao Le; Sociology
  • Andre Humberto Lopez Torres; Anthropology
  • Kyle Thomas Mcdonald; Sociology
  • Gabrielle Mcfey; English
  • Aileen Rose McMonagle; Criminal Justice
  • Denyse Muchingile; Political Science
  • Lydia Nicole Orr; Sociology
  • Crys Pikarski; English
  • Lauryn Unger; Criminal Justice
  • Stella Vallon; English
  • Annabelle Van Der Hulst; Criminal Justice
  • Savannah Winston; Africology and African American Studies
  • Hana Ehab Youssef; Criminal Justice
  • Guoshuai Zhang; English

December 2023

  • Zoe V. Adogli; Psychology
  • EricFunk; English
  • Paul J.Hewes; History
  • David B.Hilt; Philosophy
  • Mckenzie L.Himelein-Wachowiak; Psychology
  • Kacie Hoagland; Spanish
  • SophiaHolmqvist; Psychology
  • Lynette C.Krick; Psychology
  • Dominique S.McKnight; Psychology
  • RachelMcdonnell; English
  • Stephanie E.Millot; Psychology
  • Madeline R.Pike; Psychology
  • Shaun T.Poust; Philosophy
  • FelixPuemape; Political Science
  • HannahRoberts; Psychology
  • Maura I. Shenker; Political Science
  • Christion Smith; Criminal Justice
  • Auburn R.Stephenson; Psychology
  • MadelynWinkler; English

Summer 2023

  • Aigner C. Autry; Africology and African American Studies
  • Michelle A.Castel;Africology and African American Studies
  • Alexandra C.Higgins; Political Science
  • ArionnaWhite; Africology and African American Studies

Master of Fine Arts

May 2024

  • Fani Avramopoulos
  • Christopher Davis
  • Brighid Flynn
  • Jennifer Leigh Heydt
  • Gabrielle Horowitz
  • Labonno Islam
  • Margaret Karen Koons
  • Hadley Christie Leary
  • Tara Ann Smith

Master of Liberal Arts

Summer 2023

  • Elham Sadeghian

Master of Public Policy

May 2024

  • Sasha Alvarado-Salazar
  • Gabriela Auguste
  • Victoria Beard
  • Haley Blake
  • Brandon Boyer
  • Irene Marie Cedano
  • Alexandra De Mucha Pino
  • Holly Dressler
  • Skylar Goodman
  • Yingzhe He
  • Elizabeth Janczewski
  • Sierra Kamara
  • Tony Michael
  • Kynaat Moosvi
  • Jacqueline Moran
  • Immanuel Nelson
  • Soheila Nikpour
  • Marie Monica Parrilla
  • Athena Postlewait
  • Julianna Roseo
  • Lauren Schley
  • Colin Stayna-Wynter
  • Riley Stover
  • Batool Tajdar

December 2023

  • JacobGolden
  • KiraHalma
  • Mark J.Houck
  • Maura K.McDonald
  • Amara G.O'connell
  • Parisa S.Salavitabar
  • Abuzer M.Zaidi

August 2023

  • Megan M.Shaeffer

Master of Science

May 2024

  • Margherita Louise Calderaro; Neuroscience: Systems, Behavior and Plasticity
  • Julia M. Foley; Neuroscience: Systems, Behavior and Plasticity
  • Morgan Graham; Neuroscience: Systems, Behavior and Plasticity
  • Brandy Martin; Neuroscience: Systems, Behavior and Plasticity
  • Leila Elie Saikali; Neuroscience: Systems, Behavior and Plasticity
  • Carmen Schuldt; Neuroscience: Systems, Behavior and Plasticity
  • Tia Rose Tropea; Psychological Research

December 2023

  • Dylan H. Baum; Psychological Research

Professional Science Masters

December 2023

  • Stephen Baron; Geographic Information Systems
  • Chi-Yu Chen; Geographic Information Systems
  • Jordan Jack; Geographic Information Systems
  • Gabriella K. Mazal; Geographic Information Systems
  • Cooper Snyder; Geographic Information Systems

August 2023

  • Eliana Moorer;Geographic Information Systems

Bachelor of Arts

May 2024

  • +Bryn Aarstad
  • Haleigh Abey
  • Ahmad Abuharb
  • Dylan Carl Adams
  • Patrick Terry Adams
  • +Aisha Afridi
  • Thais Altagracia Agramonte-Encarnacion
  • Audeva Owoahene Agyeman
  • +Aleem Ahmed
  • Sumayia Akhtar
  • **Zaynab Alao
  • Sara R. Albaroki
  • Jordyn Allen
  • Kareem Allen-Austin
  • +Imani Carmen Alleyne
  • Emmaline Rose Aman
  • Logan Mckenna Amberson
  • +***Grace C. Amico
  • Aliya Amilani
  • Chiderah Anaebue
  • **Daniil Anatska
  • Olivia Kathryn Anello
  • +*Sofia Elena Angelini
  • Eden Ankri
  • Annmarie Olivia Appell
  • Alessia Rose Aquilone
  • *Maia J. Arbel
  • Simon Joseph Arena
  • Jennifer Arias Jarquin
  • Raayyaana Arora
  • + ***Hannah Camille Aukers
  • Kimberly Ayala Gomez
  • Ezinne Jane Azuonwu
  • Reiley Aeryn Bagenstose
  • Christian Bagwell
  • +Emma Grace Baldwin
  • *Akash Banerjee
  • Vincent Jacob Banks
  • ***Miranda Barbarisi
  • Melina Barbatsoulis
  • +Alexander Ryan Barone
  • Ryan Marie Bashaar
  • Colin Andrew Bates
  • Stephen Wayne Battle
  • +Emily Baxter-Green
  • Eliza Beaver
  • Sarah Becker
  • Edward Christopher Becker
  • Yveline Belizaire
  • +***Alexis Morgan Bendl
  • Ralph Robert Benedict III
  • Justin Brandon Benjamin
  • +***Lily Grace Bernard
  • Hiba Berziz
  • *Hima Bhimanapalli
  • Matheus Bicudo Camossa
  • Alex Bitters
  • *Sarah E. Blackman
  • +*Olivia Nicole Blake
  • +Monica Blassou
  • Lukas B. Blizzard
  • Hailey Patricia Blum
  • Endrit Bodi
  • Rocco Boggi
  • Grace Ann Bohan
  • Myles Cobbina Boivin
  • Jessica Marie Borges
  • Mckenzie Esabella Starr Bornstein
  • +**Amber Elizabeth Bostick
  • Jarrett Boyd
  • Kaela Alexandra Brace
  • McKenzie R. Brandon
  • Ava J. Bratina
  • +Emily G. Brennan
  • *Sarah Elisabeth Brenton
  • Keeley Marie Breslin
  • Jahnae Bright
  • **James Britt
  • Stacey Brizard
  • +Titilayo Brown
  • +**Phoebe Ambrosini Brown
  • +**Tyler Daniel Brown
  • Francis Xavier Bruzek III
  • Britney Burgos
  • Francesca Olivia Burgos
  • +Jessica Buten
  • Michael Raymond Caimi
  • +***Sophia C. Calabrese
  • +Anna Frances Callahan
  • Donasia Amirror Cameron
  • Jonathan Cameron
  • +Brittney Campbell
  • Nickolas Jacob Campbell
  • Justin Uwe Cannan
  • +**Caitriona Hope Carolan
  • Isaac T. Carter
  • Grace Elizabeth Casselli
  • Karol S. Castellanos
  • +Talia Grace Castle
  • +*Andrew Faustino Castro
  • Jacqueline Cavalere
  • Ryan Michael Chalifoux
  • +***Jessica Chapman
  • +**Neil Chaturvedi
  • Matthew Robert Chewning
  • +Laura Chiu
  • Nelson S. Chiu
  • Bendu Fefer Chowoe
  • Caitlyn M. Christie
  • Giovanna Domenica Cicalese
  • +Amanda Marie Cilone
  • Noe Cinza Linares
  • Shannon Elizabeth Clark
  • +Brandon Clark
  • Nicholas Clarke
  • Timothy Clayton
  • Alexander Matthew Clements
  • Julia Amy Coble
  • Samuel D. Coffin
  • Jared Martin Cohen
  • Aaron Charles Cohen
  • Ashley Cole
  • Naniushka Marie Colon
  • OrtizSarai Colon Ravel
  • Mara Therese Connell
  • Mariell R. Conwell
  • Alexandra Elise Craig
  • +Nicholas Crane
  • +Alyssa M. Cross
  • Amanda Marie Crudup
  • +Nicholas Cruz
  • +Sofia C. Cuevas Frattallone
  • Erin Margaret Cunningham
  • Anthony J. Cushion
  • Adam Wojciech Dabrowski
  • ***Jared Bedros Daniel
  • +Erika Daubert
  • Leah Emily Yaffe Davidson
  • **Deja Kiyonna Dawkins
  • Michelle Nataly De Leon Reyes
  • Maria Eduarda Teixeira De Souza
  • +Y Hinh Degrandi
  • Rebecca Del Donna
  • Jennifer Andrea Delormes
  • Olivia Morgan Delosreyes
  • Erin Delson
  • Victoria DeLuca
  • Allison R. DeMaioribus
  • Gaina Linnseyh Denose
  • Samantha Simeon Denton
  • +Kathryn Huiyan O'Brien Denyer
  • Lereca Depina Rodrigues
  • Samia D. Derga
  • Carly Armelle Desir
  • Alexander James Dewitt
  • Denia Nicole DeYoung
  • Ian Robert D'Hulster
  • Kiera Diamond
  • Camilla Karmyn Dias
  • +Anthony D. DiDonato
  • +Tom Digiovanni
  • Julia Katharine Diorio
  • Chelsey Lynn Dischler
  • +Paul J. Dobry
  • Pehlivan Dogan
  • Sophia O. Dominique
  • William F. Downs
  • Joseph Michael Dryden
  • +Hannah Marie Dubbs
  • Connor James Dugan
  • Gabrielle Erica Dukes
  • Grace Dulin
  • +Alyssa Duran
  • +Anna Lucille Durning
  • Frances Ella Dwyer
  • Luke F. Eddings
  • Deysean Ramik Nasir Edens
  • Evan Axl Edwards
  • +Marium Tarek Eisa
  • Asya Nur Ekim
  • Trish Alyssa Elleston
  • Maha M. El-Sheikh
  • May Eltahir
  • +Moritz Canisius Endriss
  • Devyn Nicole Eorio
  • Hailey E. Eppinger
  • +Haley Escogido
  • Kyle Esposito
  • Emma Lea Rose Evans
  • Lauren Kelly Ewell
  • Francisco Fabian
  • Vanessa A. Fales
  • +Rebecca Farley
  • Julia Cathleen Fawcett
  • Salman Fayaz
  • Hannah Feinberg
  • Amanda H. Felix
  • Roni S. Fellah
  • Sophia B. Ferjani
  • +Bianca Ferranti
  • Jiordan Boyce Fisher
  • +Callan Gail Flanagan
  • ***Rose Michelle Flanagan
  • Zaria Aleasha Paige Flemming
  • Katherine Ann Floyd
  • Fatima Fofanah
  • Miranda Winfield Ford
  • +Colette Marie Forman
  • +Megan Elizabeth Fortier
  • Grace E. Foy
  • +Bridget Taylor Frame
  • +**Isabel Sofia Franco
  • Meghan Elizabeth Franklin
  • +Guinevere Holiday Freeland
  • +***Emmett Freeman
  • Audra Freiling
  • Harrison Shaw Friedman
  • Matthew James Friedman
  • +*Nideen Raed Froukh
  • Douglas Omar Fuentes
  • +*Rebecca E. Fulds
  • Angelina Mae Fulton
  • Madeline Grace Funk
  • +Mai M. Gafer
  • *Lillian Margaret Galazin
  • +Jennifer Bayle Galkin
  • +Alexis Nicole Gallmon
  • Selma Ganic
  • +Wendy Lorena Garcia
  • Sofia Janeth Garcia Jimenez
  • +Hannah M. Gaudelli
  • Ephraim Gedeon
  • **Caroline George
  • Nancy Ghaith
  • Jordan Alexis Gibson
  • Zara Giglio
  • Jasmin Angelina Gil Almonte
  • Bisman Gill
  • Trinity L. Gilliam
  • Emily Kate Ginder
  • Patricia Gluszak
  • Emme H. Goldman
  • +***Benjamin D. Goldman
  • +**Clara Gomes E Silva
  • +Joao Goncalves
  • +Ramon Gonzalez-Charlestream
  • Madelyn Rose Good
  • +Marianna D. Gorchkova
  • Leah Rebecca Gordon
  • Brenda Nagoto Gordon
  • Marlena Autumn Gordon
  • Sara Elizabeth Gorman
  • Benjamin Luis Goudvis
  • Jason Robert Grady
  • +James Lawrence Gray III
  • Max J. Greenberg
  • Destiny J. Greene
  • Layla Rose Greenlee
  • Lauren Margaret Greig
  • Amolpreet Kaur Grewal
  • Vaughn William Griffenberg
  • Mia Loren Ryan Griffin
  • ***Sarah Elizabeth Grosick
  • Reina Lorena Guardado
  • Meaghan Lee Guarinello
  • Megan Autumn Dotzenrod Gunther
  • Ciara Guzman
  • Jeremy Mark Haffner
  • +Anastasia N. Hahnlen
  • Brendan J. Hall
  • ***Emma Noelle Hallman
  • Theodore James Hamilton
  • Adam S. Hammoud
  • Cherinet Hariffo
  • +Emma Harper
  • Joie Nakiya Harris
  • Katherine Mae Harte-Mccormick
  • +***Chauncie Harvey
  • Aubrey C. Hayes
  • +Avary Susan Heckman
  • Gabriella M. Henderson
  • Ella K. Henricksen
  • Jennifer Nicole Herman
  • Sara Marie Herrera
  • Brian H. Hertz
  • Hadi Hijazi
  • Alicia Hinds
  • *Maxwell Ignatius Hipp
  • Jacqueline Annette Hirsch
  • Hillary N. Ho
  • +**Rose M. Hodges
  • Brigid Clare Hogan
  • Alyssa Lorraine Holmberg
  • Hannah Louise Holupka
  • +Kathleen Marie Hooper
  • Elias Arthur Hough
  • +Halle H. Howard
  • +Steve Hoxha
  • Maddison Jo Huddle
  • +Trinity Rebecca Hudson
  • +***Tyler Gregory Hugo
  • Autumn Leigh Humes
  • +*Neena Hundley
  • Trae Hunsecker
  • Jonathan A. Iacovelli
  • Marygrace Irvine
  • Maria Anna Isaev
  • Sharon Jacob
  • *Emma Elizabeth Jacobs
  • Varday Kyron Jacobs
  • Gabrielle Elizabeth Jacquot
  • Wegee Kromah Jallah
  • Jariatou B. Jallow
  • *Brandon Janse Van Vuuren
  • Anis Jaouad
  • +*Nya Nicole Jarbah
  • ***Jillian Sarah Jasner
  • +Juvene Cierra Jean
  • Shneighter Jean
  • Jasmin Monet Jean-Louis
  • Karla Elizabeth Jenkins
  • Paige Anna Jensen
  • +Jacob Gregory Jimenez
  • Ryan J. Johnson
  • +Shyriah T. Johnson
  • Cameron Janae Johnson
  • Shane Xavier Johnston
  • Vincent Wallace Jones
  • Lauryn E. Jones
  • Alec Benjamin Joseph
  • Zachary J. Kahn
  • Swetha Kalyankar
  • Alexandros Gannon Karamanides
  • Beckett Otto Karow
  • Courtney Maura Kater
  • Christopher Thomas Katz
  • Kyle Kauffman
  • +Yuki Kawabata
  • Zachary Michael Keagy
  • Garrison G. Keane
  • *Olivia Lauren Keener
  • William Henry Keetley V
  • Edward Andrew Keiner
  • Sydney Elizabeth Keller
  • Stephen Michael Keller
  • Adam Daniel Kelly
  • +*Eamon John Kenny
  • Nashon Anthony Key
  • Melissa Nadirah Khan
  • Robert R. Kilgore
  • +Hwiyoung Kim
  • Nasuna A. Kiyimba
  • +***Christopher Theodoros Klapakis
  • +***Julie Anne Kleaver
  • Jaydn S. Knorr
  • Rhema Ebna Konadu
  • Erin Kosty
  • **Jessica Lynne Kozempel
  • +Alyson Brooke Kratchman
  • Jared Lapat Kressman
  • +Camryn Jolie Krumbhaar
  • +Jordyn Kszywanos
  • Shelby Kalina Kubicka
  • +Rafe Mciver Kuhls
  • Nandini D. Kumar
  • Khushi Baby Kumar
  • Stephen James Kunkel
  • Emma Grace Lagdameo
  • +Yasmin A. Laguda
  • Megan E. Lang
  • +Olivia Larubbio
  • Meghan B. Laubengeyer
  • Sydney Adelle Laughery
  • Peter James Law
  • Jeanettie Kuryn Leca
  • +***Hanna Park Lee
  • *Josephine Virginia Lemon
  • +***Sydney Nicole Lempert
  • +Madelyn Leonard
  • Jammie Ashley Letona
  • Jordan Blake Levin
  • Yohanny Leyba
  • Kacie Nicole Liebman
  • *Gigi Lin
  • Shamya D. Littles
  • +Rachel Ann Livezey
  • **Linda Lo
  • +Abigail Losey
  • ***Jenna Brooke Lowe
  • **Rebekah Lynn Lubrano
  • Madison Toy Mackniak
  • Jada Macksoud
  • Michelle Elisa Maclennan
  • Torriss Reign Madden
  • Gregory John Maddox
  • Cassidy Julia Mahony
  • Mariel Abigail Makalintal
  • Waleed Malak
  • Olivia Malen
  • Hannah M. Malm
  • +Domenic Mandell
  • +Sophia Arpine Mangasarian
  • +Kiersten Augusta Mangin
  • Sebastian Tyler Mankowski
  • Charlotte Mansfield
  • Margaret P. Marano
  • Joseph Dominic Marasco Jr.
  • +Amanda Lynn Margalski
  • Victor Marrero
  • Sydney Martin
  • Reese Martin
  • +Emma Jean Martin Zimmerman
  • +Michelle Martinez
  • Michael Paul Martino
  • Ryan Mastro
  • Julia Elizabeth Mayo
  • +**Willa Josephine Mazullo
  • Sara Alden Mc Ginn
  • Jamerah McBride
  • Maureen McCauley
  • +Isabella Nicolette McCooey
  • Ian Jae McDonald
  • Alayzha Marie McDougal
  • +Brendan McElroy
  • Maura Grace McGlinn
  • +**Samantha Jo McIver
  • Charles Stephen McManus
  • Sydney Aniyah McNeil
  • +***Juliya Medyukh
  • Antonio Manuel Mendoza
  • +***Maisha Jaha Menefee
  • Gretl Crowl Merges
  • Faina Noverlee Merisca
  • Alicia Reann Meyer
  • Victoria M. Mezher
  • Danielle Melissa Middleton
  • Aria Mae Middleton
  • +Mandy Lynn Mikhail
  • +Nyomi J. Miller
  • Rebecca G. Miller
  • +Alicia Minch
  • Alexander Howard Mitana
  • Ryan C. Mitros
  • +Demetryah Ayana Monk
  • Lydia Anne Monteiro
  • Jeff Montinar
  • Gabrielle Lynn Moor
  • Jordan Anthony Moore
  • Leslie D. Morales
  • Noelle Jean Morris
  • Aryanna Jade Morrow
  • Anike Mosaku
  • Shiniece Mosley
  • Lee Mosley
  • +Maria Christine Muehlbronner
  • Brent Daniel Murphy
  • Drayton Leroy Murray
  • Ashley Ann Murray
  • +Tamu Musumunu
  • Brianna Mydosh
  • +Louis Charles Myers
  • +***Brett Myszkowski
  • Jazmin Nasra
  • Parker Naugle
  • Gabriella Sousa Neiva
  • Alexus L. Newman
  • Sherry Huynh nhu Nguyen
  • +Cindy Nguyen
  • +Shanise Nicholas
  • +Abasi Jahi Nicholson
  • Sophia Marie Nicolosi
  • Elizabeth W. Njie
  • +Katelyn Dias Nobre
  • Hope Norman
  • +Alexis Elizabeth Nowak
  • Ella Grace Nowakowski
  • Enycia Raelle Nunez
  • +Sarah C. Nworu
  • *Yanina Eva O'Boyle
  • **Hollis O'Connor
  • Monica O. Ofurie
  • Faith Okunubi
  • Adam J. Oliver
  • Mercy Ifeoluwa Olukanni
  • Jason Thomas Omlor
  • Aleksandra O'Neill
  • ***Oluwagbemisola Adefunke Osinubi
  • Oluwayimika Sara Osinulu
  • +Edward Roldan Ovalle
  • Elina Ama Owusu
  • Maggie Florence Page
  • **Joshua Lalachan Palackal
  • Olivia Julianna Palermo
  • +Sohit A. Panchal
  • Sidney Elizabeth Pankowski
  • Georgia Papageorgiou
  • +Henry Parkes Paradis
  • +Hannah Karina Zoe Parker
  • Sara Cassidy Parker
  • Samia Parvez
  • +*Ava Marie Pasewicz
  • Rahi Patel
  • Daniel Oliver Paulus
  • +**Sabina Halina Pawlowska
  • +***Elise Christine Payne
  • +***Sydney Elizabeth Pecarific
  • Ellie Anya Penn
  • Ciara Luz Perez
  • Allyssa Norma Perez
  • Jaden Robinson Perkins
  • Shelby Allison Petonak
  • +***Gwendolyn Kay Pfister
  • L. Khawn Phang
  • ***Giavanna Raquel Plaza-Martinez
  • Jonathan N. Pleasant
  • Eva Plichta
  • +*Rebecca Lynn Pohle
  • Oleana M. Polkhovsky
  • Dana Faith Pollino
  • *Jessica Emma Polsky
  • Dante William Porcaro
  • Emily Catherine Potts
  • Alina J. Poust
  • Ny'Jema Oni Powell
  • Jasmine B. Powell
  • Sofia Rose Presenza
  • Sara Joy Proctor
  • Juliana Provini
  • Sabrina Rose Pulli
  • Devon Alexis Purnell
  • +***Gianni Louis Quattrocchi
  • Amir Rafeh
  • +***Anya E. Rainwater
  • Vishnu Raj
  • Matthew Gaynesh Ramlakhan
  • Jordan Marcel Rankin
  • +Austin James Rapp
  • Catherine Carpenter Ratchford
  • *Samhitha Reddy
  • **Madison Rementer
  • Lindsy E. Renner
  • Katia Saffron Rhodes
  • Sara J. Ring
  • Alexis l. Rios
  • Shriya Sharma Roberson
  • Tiaira Rodgers
  • +Christian Rodriguez
  • Nigeria L. Rogers
  • Kelsey Rogers
  • ***Katelyn A. Roman
  • +***Melissa E. Rosahl
  • Kelly Ann Rose
  • +Maggie Ann Roseto
  • +Kyle Thompson Ross
  • Gianfranco Rosselli
  • Lemire Rowser-Grohol
  • Shawn Roy
  • +Samuel Brennan Rudisill
  • Devon Kate Russell
  • Cameron David Ryan
  • Lilia Rose
  • Margaret Rzecinski
  • +Gianna-Rose Sabatino
  • ***Ayazhan Sadibekova
  • Muhammad Ahsan Saeed
  • Hayk Safaryan
  • +Anastasia Saginadze
  • Sierra Katherine Saint
  • +*Sana Gilani Salman
  • Christina Ann Salomone
  • Arielle Tatiana Sambolin
  • +Dayna Kimberly Sanders
  • Colleen Frances Sands
  • Arianna A. Santiago
  • *Aubrey Jane Sauerwald
  • Keyana Alana Saunders
  • Nicholas John Scheri
  • +Montessa L. Schettino
  • Blaze Joshua Schmidt
  • Bryan C. Schmidt
  • Erin Elizabeth Scholl
  • Luke Howitt Scott
  • Sebastian P. Scott
  • Eleece Scruse
  • Sinnia Jade Scully
  • Sundhi Sehgal
  • Jane Christine Seseri
  • Lemiya Shaat
  • Liya Haniyyah Shabazz-Alston
  • Kayleena J. Shantz
  • Cixing Shao
  • *Aysha Lissette Shaukat
  • +Nathaniel T. Shaw
  • John Joseph Shay
  • +Nadiya Alaina Sieger
  • Maximilian Sigman
  • T'Maya Ebony Simmons
  • Jenisys Simmons
  • Hallie Jacqueline Sklarz
  • +Cassandra Lenore Slade
  • +**Jaylen Slaughter
  • Matthew Charles Smith Sr.
  • Jocelyn R. Smith
  • Gabriel Olamide Sofolawe
  • +Emilio Javier Solorzano
  • Melina Calligas Spatharis
  • Deborah Sydney Spearman
  • Richard George Spencer Jr.
  • **Shreya Sridhar
  • Briana Tacoya St John
  • Ethan W. Stafford
  • Alexa Staloski
  • Emily Starks
  • +Alexandra R. Stauffer
  • Rachel L. Stock
  • Camille Olivia Strand
  • Samiya Ibre Strickland
  • Arthur Isaiah Sullivan
  • Ava Pauline Sunko
  • Emily Sarah Suranie
  • Aissata Sy
  • Nicole Madison Tagye
  • Sena Takebe
  • Sena Takebe
  • Katie Tan
  • Konomi Tanaka
  • Grace Elizabeth Tanner
  • Tseten Youdon Tashi
  • Jada Ashanti Taylor
  • Caralyne Alexandria Tengowski
  • Vivian Mikaella Teofilak
  • Markee Terry
  • Ryan Thieroff
  • Heather C. Thomas
  • Dacian Glory Thompson
  • Cassidy Tilley
  • +William Scott Tinney V
  • +*Sirina Elise Tiwari
  • Mackenzie Lynn Toler
  • Jaymi Jacqueline Torjman
  • Garrison Joseph Toto
  • *Lily Catherine Towle
  • *Rachel Marie Townsend
  • Raymond Louis Trainor Jr.
  • Kaitlyn Nicole Tran
  • Oumar Traore
  • Nicole Ashley Trotter
  • +***Vinh Anh Ngoc Truong
  • +Sarah Tuffy
  • Jorge A. Turcios
  • Yani Turner
  • ***Panagiotis Alexios Tzanetos
  • David Angus Uhlig
  • Nilesh Raj Umapathy
  • Ethan Z. Unger
  • Wisnu Utomo
  • Lilianna Pilar Utrera
  • Erica Irene Valentine
  • +*Claudine Betrone Van Arman
  • +*Adrien Aspen Van Voorhis
  • +Abi Vangraafeiland
  • +Cristian A. Vicente
  • Leslie Karlina Villa Orosco
  • Lovedeep Virk
  • Gabrielle Paige Vomero
  • Sally Vong
  • +Maud Francis Voytas Highfield
  • +*Janelle Smail Vuong
  • +*Olivia A. Wagner
  • Milani Amira Walker
  • Melissa Walker
  • Imani Washington
  • Nicholas Ryan Weitzel
  • Marlo Babick Wenig
  • Lea Rae Wesolowski
  • +Alexandra Whitney
  • +**Karlee Elizabeth Whitpan
  • Anna Sophia Wickey
  • Molly Jule Wiesner
  • Ella Williams
  • *Jeffrey Theodore Wilson
  • Vernisha Tanika Wilson
  • **Morgan Rose Wilson
  • Malcolm Shaw Wilson
  • Kelly Patricia Winton
  • Brandon Wirthmann
  • Morgan Alexa Wolfson
  • +Katharina S. Woods
  • Kaitlyn Teresa Woods
  • Taylor Olivia Woolford
  • Makenna L. Wright
  • +Elda Xhavara
  • +Xinyi Xu
  • +Jaime A. Yaworski
  • Samantha Grace Yeagle
  • Kareema Amira York-Lee
  • Richard Youm
  • +Emily M. Young
  • Marin Ross Young
  • Megan Elizabeth Young-Styer
  • +Kai Lefevre Yuen
  • +Morgyn Payton-Elizabeth Zehner
  • Christian Anthony Zelaya
  • Sinnarr Lewis Zellers
  • ***Hai Yen Haidee Zhao
  • Kaitlin Amber Zinn
  • Elizabeth Lily Zinna

December 2023

  • Saniyah Akines
  • Sonya K. Almonte
  • Alrataj M.S.F. Almutairi
  • Joseph Appiah Darkwa
  • +Soniya Nitindra Athavale
  • +***Alexis Lynn Atkins
  • Abigail Ayala
  • Roderick Roy Azizi
  • +Anna Chance Bairatchnyi
  • +***Bella-Sophia Baldini
  • +Oriana Bani
  • Samantha Rose Barr
  • +Madeline Convey Barton
  • Whitney A. Basilio
  • Sade Bentley
  • Ava Callista Biegalski
  • Elizabeth Katherine Bielecki
  • Logan Bland
  • Martin A. Blazik
  • Saleemah Blocker
  • Abraham Boakai
  • Kaitlin Alexandra Boles
  • Drew Alexander Borden
  • Marisa Borovina
  • Thomas Brill Jr.
  • Sydney Lynn Brooks
  • Latiesha Quiana Brown
  • Katherine Shea Burns
  • ***Kristin Burt
  • Paige Elizabeth Busacca
  • Giavanna Caprii Butcher
  • Adriana Nicole Campisi
  • Joseph Capuano
  • **Erin Elizabeth Cheifetz
  • Mona Cherelus
  • Kibria Rashid Choudhury
  • Cassandra L. Christakis
  • Jinsu Alexander Chun
  • +Nicholas A. Ciarlante
  • Emily K. Ciccarone
  • *Molly Elizabeth Clark
  • Mekhiya Danielle Clarke
  • Julien A. Clauser
  • Jasha Renee Clinton
  • Nila Denise Cobb
  • Lakenya Codner
  • Connor Barret Coghlan
  • +Steven J. Cristinzio
  • Veronika Fiona Cunningham
  • Jennifer Dang
  • Thomas F. Defonteny
  • +Connor Demchick
  • +Kathleen Marie Demedio
  • Fatou Diallo
  • Diego Andres Diaz
  • Deborah V. Dieudonne
  • +Jaydyn T. Doebler
  • Mason A. Dofflemyer
  • Jermaine Donaldson
  • Denis Efimov
  • Jessica Elil
  • +Franklin Engelke
  • Dylan Tyler Ergott
  • Anne Fahnestock
  • James Olufikayo
  • Morgan Faminu
  • Jack Richard Feldman
  • Lindsay Reese Ferguson
  • Hannah Fontanares
  • +Helen Maria Fordyce
  • Kimberly Rose Frank
  • Ruth S. Freer
  • +Gina Christine Freshcoln
  • +Molly J. Frey
  • Carl Lucas Froehlich
  • Aminata Gackou
  • ***Adina Tamar Gewirtzman
  • +Danielle Ghebremichael
  • Alexa Vita Giorgio
  • +Alexandra Glyptis
  • Jordan Chase Gold
  • Gabrielle Gomez
  • Miles V. Gomez-Younkin
  • Ajah Gonzalez
  • Hailey J. Gonzalez
  • +Genevieve C. Gordon
  • Ashley Amiya Gossette
  • Jacob Gray
  • Trent Grunza
  • Yomarilis Ivette Gueits Rodriguez
  • John Michael Guerrelli
  • Zamir K. Guy
  • Liam Alexander Hart
  • Isabella Claudia Heckmann
  • +Sarah E. Heidelbaugh
  • Adam James Henderson
  • William Michael Hennessey
  • Nia T. Hill
  • Miles Robertson Hodges
  • +*Jessica Homan
  • +Hekoujiang Huang
  • +*Clancy Ruth Hudson
  • Grace Hummer
  • Jangho Hwang
  • Ayim Jakypbek
  • Ryan A. Jennings
  • Emma Rae Jensen
  • Aisha Johnson
  • Jasmine Elaine Johnson
  • David William Johnston
  • **Savannah Jones
  • Saabirah S. Jones
  • Taylor J. Jones
  • Kathryn Mary Joseph
  • +Maryam Jrad
  • +*Grace J. Kane
  • Nicholas Kasander
  • Kayla Kearney
  • Tenzin N. Kelley
  • Riley Anne Kelly
  • Hyun Joon Kim
  • Natalie Ann Koskinas
  • *Heather Lambert
  • Sania Aasim Latif
  • Sophia Lechtzin
  • Annabelle Levan
  • +***Tiffany Li
  • Dakota D. Lieske
  • Jack T. Linko
  • Chyann Monae Long
  • **Layla Amina Loune
  • +Alexei L. Mannino
  • Sara Nicole Mantoni
  • +Jenna Marcellino
  • Brandon Dias Marques
  • Leah Doris Marzilli
  • Erin McCone
  • Samantha N. McGarvey
  • Timothy Michael McNamara Jr.
  • Nasia Lanae McNeill
  • Morrin Hart McSherry
  • Shane Meade
  • Anthony John Mignon
  • +Meniyah Janae Miller
  • Asha Shama Mir-Young
  • Naomi Moore
  • +Maria Jose Morales-Garcia
  • Olivia Morris
  • Jessica Ann Murray
  • Karli Myers
  • Allison L. Nikles
  • Stephen Mbogo Njiru
  • Kyleigh Aaliyah Christine Noble
  • *Christiana Noll
  • D'Ahna Oakman
  • Adanna Vanessa Ogbonnanze
  • +Jade Haley Oprysko
  • +Kyle William Osborne
  • Frida B. Paul
  • +Sara Elizabeth Paulson
  • Daniel William Payne
  • Danielle Pepe
  • Santiago Toni Pierre-Neptune
  • Devon Jordan Polak
  • James Price
  • ***Sarah A. Rabenold
  • Mahanoor Rafi
  • Branden Edward Redding
  • Shauna Kathleen Reichman Lemieux
  • Eileen Rose Reynolds-Collette
  • Samantha Ashley Rios
  • +**Elijah Hawk Robinson
  • Spencer McDonald Rogovin
  • +***Anna Chie Ruhlman
  • Ryan Egan Rutledge
  • +***Kyra Lynn Sathra
  • Dorian Elizabeth Schmaltz
  • Ashley Danielle Schools
  • Jeff Corson Searles
  • Nicole J. Selander
  • Kurt J. Sell
  • Jade Serious
  • William Sheehy
  • Kennedy Sheppard
  • Alexis C. Shoemaker
  • Syed M Safayet Siddiqi
  • Nicholas Sigismondi Jr.
  • **Angel Kayla Smith
  • Noah Matthew Smith
  • Katrina J. Snyder
  • ***Elena Ivanova Spasova
  • Christopher J. Stagliano
  • +Gina Marie Stanga
  • +Meirav Steinlauf
  • +Michael Sturdivant Sr.
  • Sophie Style
  • Ethan M. Suranie
  • Jacqueline Sykes
  • Xiyan Tan
  • Leen Tarabichi
  • Avery Renee Taylor
  • +Kacey Taylor
  • +Amina Z. Thomas
  • Destiny E. Thompson
  • +Caitlin Rose Tickman
  • +Iliana Louisa Todorovski
  • Victoria Anne Tuthill
  • Donavin Christopher Upchurch
  • ***Regina Valensia
  • Azaria Denise Vazquez-Rosa
  • +Namya Reddy Vemula
  • +Ida Walker
  • Isaac Way
  • Jamil Weathersbee
  • Jade Victoria Wickham
  • Elisabeth Joy Wienken
  • Yanet Tesema Wodago
  • Joshua William Young
  • Kiana Yubitani
  • +Olivia Corina Zabierowski
  • Maoyu Zhang

August 2023

  • Maryam Bint Abdulmatin
  • Jaleelah Abdurrazzaq Moore
  • Sumayyah Abdus-Samad
  • Erica Adams
  • +Kaitlyn Marie Adasavage
  • Kiersten Olusesan Alexandra Adebanjo
  • Aya Zahir Ahmed
  • Mikayla E. Andrzejewski
  • Chyna Anniello
  • Samuel James Edward Atterbury
  • Christina Maria Ball
  • +Jason W. Bandjough
  • Brianna Barone
  • Taniya K. Birch
  • Alexis R. Botero
  • +Grace Elizabeth Bradley
  • Zachary M. Breidinger
  • Mary R. Bruning
  • +Victoria Grace Burbage
  • Melissa Burns
  • Eva Thanh-Ha Calabrese
  • Yevgeniy Chuzhinin Sr.
  • Aicha Ousmane Cisse
  • Nicholas J. Collins
  • Janika G. Cunningham
  • +Anthony Donell D'Antuono
  • Ashlyn Anne DeRoberto
  • Cierra Dorsey
  • +Hannah Katherine Dupuy
  • +Lily Dura
  • +Katharine M. Edwards
  • Shianna Emokpae
  • John Joseph Erardi
  • Calvin C. Freeman
  • Tamara Desiree Gaines
  • Joshua J. Graham
  • Nolan Karl Hale
  • Dontashia D. Hill
  • Marquice Holliday
  • Sarah Marie Hunt
  • Jiyeon Hwang
  • Emmanuel C. Ikeocha
  • Herbert B. Ingram
  • Lauren Hope
  • IrvineVasudha
  • Tulshiram Jadhav
  • Pius James
  • Michael D. Jenkins
  • Jack J. Kallicragas
  • Samuel Patrick Keen
  • Megan N. Ketterman
  • Emily Rose Koch
  • Mariah Christina Lee
  • +Kevin Lewis
  • +Douglas R. Linkenheimer
  • Kiana Marie Aysheka Magat
  • Colin Malcarney
  • Alaina N. Marchese
  • Christopher T. McLean
  • Karishma Medatia
  • +Julia V. Mele
  • Makayla Anja Montarti
  • Olivia Rose Morris
  • Kolton Joseph Nullmeyer
  • Maria Olkhova
  • +Mayu Ono
  • Nicholas J. Oster
  • +Erida Pailas
  • Chandani Patel
  • Joseph Ramirez
  • Marissa Ready
  • +Penny Retica
  • Jessica Anne Rios
  • Jenna N. Sanchez
  • Slavko Savic
  • Jordan Grace Schlachta
  • Sabrina Schoen-McCullough
  • Taitu Enyonam Scott
  • Priscila Ludwig Seither
  • Anabelen Serrano
  • Shahzada Amish Shakeel
  • Cooper Joseph Sharp
  • Megan L. Spano
  • +Sophie Rebecca Starr
  • Adrianna M. Strauser
  • Dennis Earl Taner
  • Orlando Jeremi Tasik
  • Lisa Teah
  • Reece W. Thomson
  • Tyanna Tran
  • Bruce Kevin Trimmer
  • Sai Reddy Voggu
  • Zari Christilene Weaver
  • Thomas D. Williams III
  • Maria Witcher

Bachelor of Science

May 2024

  • Mara-Elim Alexandre
  • +***Giovanna Arantes De Oliveira Campos
  • Elizabeth Artamonov
  • Aleena I. Ataher
  • Hannah Lurena Berkenstock
  • +Dorothea Bowen
  • Katie Rebecca Calaku
  • Tevin N. Coleman
  • Keertana Davuluri
  • Bansri P. Desai
  • ***Anna Viktoria Duncan
  • Michael Osaze Egbe
  • Ravmyr Fede
  • Oscar Galrom
  • Byannca M. Gilbride
  • Journey Lee Griffin
  • Nazia Haque
  • Sara Maria Hayden
  • Ashley Taylor Houchens
  • Disha Hulikal
  • Aaliyah V. Johnson
  • Fatema H. Kitabwalla
  • Arjun S. Kumaran
  • **Eleanor Rose Labriola
  • Elizabeth Rose Machon
  • Jessi Aaron Margolis
  • Kiera Campbell Maunsell
  • Jackson May
  • Alexis Peyton Mellott
  • +Nikhita Mogadala
  • Mariah Nguyen
  • Elita O. Odartei
  • Zachary A. Parson
  • Dhriti Dhaval Patel
  • Matthew Jose Piniero
  • Alana Janelle Porter
  • Dean Anthony Rizzo
  • Jasmine Seth
  • Amira Sharoud
  • Margaret Louise Seekircher Silva
  • Dowon Suk
  • Lauren Leigh Trainer
  • Shamirah Ayiana Van Buren
  • Alexandria Elizabeth Willich
  • Daphne Ellen Wong
  • +Enes Yanilmaz
  • Ellen Xuan Zheng

December 2022

  • +Bridget J. Armstrong
  • Sherese S. Bennett
  • Sarah C. Dolan
  • Shahnaz Sharif Eva
  • Sara Ashleigh Grumbine
  • Stephanie Kosashvili
  • Yash Nimish Laliwala
  • Sibilla Masieri
  • Tsukasa Nakajima
  • Rishab Reddy Peddireddy
  • ***Hannah Bess Poisson
  • Chloe Rose Rajauski
  • Daniela Romero
  • Adriana J. Seitz
  • Jessica Taylor
  • Adaeze Uwaomah
  • Nissi Jayanth Vinnakota
  • +Ella Nicole Wallace
  • Bridget Kathleen Wheeler
  • Rickisa Erin Yearwood

August 2023

  • Norissa G. Howell
  • Rachael Elise Price
  • Samuel Ruffin Sprague

*** summa cum laude
** magna cum laude
* cum laude
+ distinction in major 
++ distinction in double major

PLEASE NOTE: As final action cannot always be taken by the time this program is published, lists of candidates and awards are only tentative. The student’s transcript is the official record of the university.

Undergraduate Awards

  • Carolyn Adams Awards in Geography and Urban Studies -Jared Martin Cohen and Clancy Ruth Hudson
  • Neysa and Arlin Adams Prizes for Excellence in Pre-Law Studies -Benjamin D Goldman and Gianni Louis Quattrocchi
  • Africology and African American Studies Awards -James Lawrence Gray III, Chauncie Harvey and Tamu Musumunu
  • Professor Edward R. and Essie Baron Memorial Award -Christopher Theodoros Klapakis
  • Beards Memorial Award - Hadi Hijazi
  • Claude C. and Mary Carson Bowman Awards - Foysal Ahamed, Miranda Barbarisi, Sydney Elizabeth Pecarific and Leilani Ko Taiano
  • Sam Collington Internship Award - Adam Daniel Kelly
  • Dr. Arthur N. Cook Award in History - Nideen Raed Froukh
  • Criminal Justice Excellence Award - Jaylen Slaughter
  • Criminal Justice Phoenix Award - Ryan Michael Chalifoux
  • Criminal Justice Service Award - Kathryn Huiyan Denyer
  • Randy and Samantha Deglin Memorial Award - Phoebe Ambrosini Brown
  • Delaware Valley Geographical Association Award - Sarah A Rabenold
  • Octavio Diaz-Valenzuela Award - Melissa E Rosahl
  • Loretta C. Duckworth Prize -Hannah M Gaudelli
  • Michael V- Gallagher Memorial Award in Criminal Justice - Jaden Robinson Perkins
  • Geography and Urban Studies Department Award for Outstanding Achievement - Sofia Elena Angelini
  • Chief Inspector Vincent J.Greene, Sr- Memorial Award in Criminal Justice - Francis Xavier Bruzek
  • Nelson N.Hoffman Scholarships - Vincent Wallace Jones and Olivia A- Wagner
  • William Allen Jones Awards for Experiential Learning - Aaron Charles Cohen, Devon Alexis Purnell and T’maya Ebony Simmons
  • Rose Kibrick Katz Student Advisor Award - Victoria Nicole Scott
  • Clifford M.Kliger Memorial Award - Isabel Sofia Franco
  • Benjamin H.Kohl Memorial Award - Emme H Goldman
  • John S.Kramer Memorial Award - Alexis Elizabeth Nowak
  • Ira Lawrence Family Awards - James Britt and Maxwell Ignatius Hipp
  • Irving J. Leder and Beatrice Deglin Leder Award - Joseph Charles Warchal
  • Paul Makurath English Award - Jocelyn R Smith
  • Robert J. Mason Environmental Studies Award - Mason A Dofflemyer
  • William J.McKenna Memorial Student Assistance Awards - Grace Dulin, James Lawrence Gray III and Shauna Kathleen Reichman Lemieux
  • Robert K.Merton Prize by Leonard Mellman - Julie Anne Kleaver
  • Thomas Meyer Award - Mercy Ifeoluwa Olukanni
  • Henry N. Michael Prize in Geography and Urban Studies - Gwendolyn Kay Pfister
  • Milton S. Moses Award - Caitriona Hope Carolan
  • Toby A. Olshin Memorial Award - Lauryn E Jones
  • Outstanding Graduating Seniors in Arabic - Emme H Goldman and Marlo Babick Wenig
  • Outstanding Graduating Senior in Chinese - Julia Ting
  • Outstanding Graduating Seniors in Korean - Asya Nur Ekim and Maisha Jaha Menefee
  • Political Science Advisory Board Internship Award - Miranda Winfield Ford
  • Political Science Awards for Excellence - Vincent Wallace Jones and Oluwagbemisola Adefunke Osinubi
  • Political Science Scholastic Prizes - Juliya Medyukh and Panagiotis Alexios Tzanetos
  • Mary A- Procida Prize in Gender and History - Anna Lucille Durning
  • Psychology Award - Alexis Morgan Bendl
  • Psychology Prizes - Sydney Nicole Lempert and Melissa E Rosahl
  • Psychology Service Recognition Award - Neil Chaturvedi
  • Benjamin and Irma Robboy Award in Sociology - Sophia C Calabrese
  • Maria Rosa Prize in Italian - Nathaniel T Shaw
  • Ronald C. Schwarzkopf Awards in Political Science - Hanna Park Lee and Shreya Sridhar
  • Kathryne B Sears Theology Awards - Maksym Ostashko and Anna Crinion Polacek
  • Jane D. Shenton Award - Giovanna Arantes De Oliveira Campos
  • Thomas and Lula Shepard Memorial Awards - Ian Jae McDonald and Alexis Morgan Bendl
  • Jacob Siegel Award - Joseph Michael Dryden
  • Sigma Delta Pi Prize - Anna Viktoria Duncan
  • Sociology Prize - Hailey Patricia Blum
  • Patrick Stocking Memorial Prizes - Maggie Ann Roseto and Kai Lefevre Yuen
  • J.S.Ladd Thomas Scholarship - Michael Raymond Caimi
  • Paul Tully Endowed Internship Award - Sasha Burgess
  • William Van Wert Award - Alyssa Duran
  • Professor Nicholas P. Vlachos Memorial Award - Marium Tarek Eisa
  • Dr. Kenneth E.Williams Memorial Award - Santiago Toni Pierre-Neptune

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Some universities opt to grant students time off during the final week of March, followed by another break to observe Easter. In 2024, the majority of colleges and universities will observe their Spring Break holiday between 11 March and 1 April.

When can you register for spring 2024 cuny? ›

Beginning in October, students may also register for the Spring 2024 Semester. Please mark these important dates on your calendar: Last day to file ePermit request for Spring 2024 term is January 22, 2024.

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Winter RecessFriday-SundayDecember 23-January 1
January Term 2023 Classes BeginMondayJanuary 2
Last Day to Add a Course; Last Day to Drop a Course Without a “W”TuesdayJanuary 3
Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Holiday)MondayJanuary 16
37 more rows

What is reading day cuny? ›

No classes are scheduled Friday and Saturday. Use this time to finish your final projects and papers, and study for final exams. See more Key Dates in the Academic Calendar.

What is the most popular week for spring break in 2024? ›

Percentage of students on break, 6-22 March 2024

This trend continues through the week of Monday, 25 March, as an average of 30% of students will be on break until the Friday leading into Easter weekend. On Good Friday, travel availability surges to 57%, nearly quadrupling from the corresponding date in 2023.

What are US spring break dates? ›

Mid- to late March is typically the peak period for spring break for most colleges and universities across the country. This year, the majority of these institutions will have their rest and recreation between March 11 and April 1.

What is the deadline for spring 2024 in USA? ›

When Does Spring Semester in USA Start?
Spring Intake 2024 Application DeadlinesJuly 2023 – November 2023
Starting Date of ClassesJanuary – February 2024
End Date of ClassesApril – May 2024
1 more row
Apr 16, 2024

When should I start applying for college 2024? ›

Get equipped with the resources that will help you easily navigate your learning journey. Most applications opened August 1, 2023, for students applying for fall 2024 enrollment. College deadlines most often fall between November and February.

When can I register for spring classes 2024 Rutgers? ›

Spring 2024 Registration Calendar
October 30, 2023Spring Course Schedule Available
December 4, 2023Spring Registration Begins – Incoming Students
January 2, 2024Spring Rutgers Visiting & Non-Degree Seeking Student Registration Begins
January 3, 2024RU Here Campaign Opens
7 more rows

Can I stay in my dorm over winter break NYU? ›

Can students stay in their room over breaks? The residence hall contract allows students to stay throughout the year in the residence hall until checkout in May. This includes holidays and breaks. The buildings are staffed and security is present 24/7.

What is the NYU acceptance rate? ›

How long is spring break in NYC? ›

Spring break for public students is held from Monday, April 22, through Tuesday, April 30, which includes Passover. It means the last day for public schools before spring break begins is Friday, April 19. Students will return to campus on Wednesday, May 1. That's a total of 11 days off from school, including weekends.

Is CUNY ASAP free? ›

The Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) is a fast-track, cost-free degree program that helps qualified low-income graduating high school seniors and working adults earn an associate degree quickly. It offers: Summer orientation program.

Are CUNY winter classes free? ›

Will there be fees as well? Students will be billed tuition by credit in accordance with the college tuition and fees schedule. All non-matriculated and Visiting Students attending the Winter Session only will be charged fees based on credits enrolled.

What is CUNY good for? ›

The CUNY colleges all are noted for their great value. According to the Princeton Review, schools named as Best Value Colleges share three qualities: stellar academics; affordability in terms of tuition cost and generous financial aid, or both; and strong career prospects for graduates.

Is April Spring Break in USA? ›

Here's a general timeframe: Late February to Early March: Some southern universities and colleges start their Spring Break. Mid to Late March: Peak Spring Break period for the majority of institutions. Early April: Some schools, particularly in the northern states, schedule their Spring Break around this time.

What month is school break in USA? ›

Winter Break – mid-December to late January. Spring Break – a week or two in March or April (usually starting on Good Friday) Summer Break – Early/mid-May to between late August and the day after Labor Day in September (usually lasting about 12–18 weeks).

How long is spring break in USA High school? ›

One of the main influences on the length of spring break is the educational level. Elementary schools typically have a shorter break, lasting only a week. High schools often follow a similar pattern, with breaks going to around one to one and a half, and in some cases, two weeks.

What is USA summer break period? ›

In the United States, depending on the region, summer break is approximately two to three months, with students typically finishing the school year in late May or early June and starting the new year in mid-late August or early September.

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