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Jun 26

I just realised that I hadn't done an introduction (yet) so here it is:

About me: Hi there! Call me Tooka! I'm an artist with way too many ideas. I also love reading and have plans for some fanfics and all... I just have to write them. :) Yep. Oh, and I'm not a native English speaker, so I probably will mess something up, haha. And before I forget, I'm an adult :)

About this blog: So, as you have probably noticed, this blog is mostly Star Wars. Especially clones. And mostly consists of reblogs from others. I'll try to post more original content... For now, that's a work in progress. (My art is tagged with #tookadraws)

Anyway, that's it for now :)



Jul 7


I think the Jedi council should have at least considered sending obi-wan over to Dooku to be like “yes hello I am here for sith training” just to see what would happen


Like, we know from the rako hardeen arc that he’s a good enough actor to pull this off. Combined with Dooku’s clear affection(?) for him, I think the council would have most of the separatists’ top military secrets in a month, max


I mean, even if Obi-Wan got caught transmitting information

Dooku:…what are you doing

Obi-Wan, panicking slightly: I’m a double agent. Passing them bad intel.

Dooku: I didn’t ask you to do that

Obi-Wan: …i’m taking initiative????


Dooku: We’ll it’s about time SOMEONE around here did


Palpatine: There have been far too many “coincidences” with the Jedi lately. The information your new apprentice is transmitting is accurate, I’m sure of it.

Dooku: My boy would never do such a thing

Palpatine: Your b— you know, the whole “no attachments” is a Jedi thing but I think we need to have a talk



Jul 7


if they hugged I think it would solve 85% of my problems. maybe even cure me of a few things.



Jul 7


this sums up the entirety of star wars



Jul 7


People have written a lot of touchy-feely pieces on this subject but I thought I’d get right to the heart of the matter


[The artist, putting a simple cake next to a much fancier one: “Aw man, that guy’s cake is way better than mine.” The Audience, gleefully holding up a knife and fork “HOLY sh*t! TWO CAKES!”]


additions from the og artist (credit)


“Holy sh*t two cakes,” I mutter to myself as I do f*cking anything these days, this post was a godsend

#this. this is perfect.#reblogging bc everyone needs to see this#including me haha#thank you op#non sw



Jul 7


Had an idea that one of the things that Anakin does when he becomes a Force Ghost is visit Ezra and thank him for what he did on Malachor to save Ahsoka :3

thats cute and cool in theory but...



Jul 7


Got emotional thinking about jedi lineages.

Like. Maybe Ahsoka ties her obis in double knots because that’s how Anakin taught her. He told her it helped them stay on better.

But Anakin does it because that’s how Obi-Wan helped him, the first time he wore the robes that seemed impossibly heavy, with the weight of his new life.

But Obi-Wan only tied it like that because he had seen Qui-Gon do the same, and had desperately wanted to be perfect, so copied his master.

But Qui-Gon only did it out of habit- of all the rules of decorum that Dooku taught him that he ignored, the obi knot had stuck.

But Dooku had been trained by the greatest master of them all, so assumed however Yoda tied his robes was the most correct.

But maybe that is all because, centuries ago, a master whose name the rest of them will never know, taught his tiny padawan to double knot his obis, because they just never fit right.

And Ahsoka will never know that she got this from a jedi who lived in a totally different world from her, who she never knew and would never know her, but the legacies are there, no matter how small. And I bet every lineage has a handful of them.

I just… the jedi leave behind their blood ancestors, but they still have things running in their families.


Jul 5


Post-O66 Mace going into hiding as a pirate with a crew like Hondo’s, is that anything?

I got a bunch of input on discord. Calling this one:

A bunch of pirates, a Jedi Master on the run, and a traumatized twelve-year-old.

Kicking off with a key part of it all is @atagotiak (Tia):

He’s annoying because he’s such a stick in the mud (by which I mean it’s rather inconvenient for a pirate crew when the new recruit has morals and stuff)But he’s too valuable to get rid of, due to having all that experience with administration

I am enamored with the idea of Mace’s main job being just. Pirate Admin.

Mace: So this is what I am reduced to. Aiding and abetting… in tax evasion.Hondo: And piracy.Mace: The tax evasion is a bigger hit to my pride.

Keep reading

#i need it#star wars#hondo ohnaka#mace windu



Jul 5


sw would have been so much shorter if one clone decided to murder palpatine in his office because. who are they gonna arrest. sadly the suspect looks like 1000+ other men and all of them forgot what they did last friday night



clone #1, looking at the security cam footage: oh yeah that's totally me

clone #2: no way look at this handsome face. that's me

clone #3: you weren't even on coruscant during that time

clone #2: that's my cover

clone #4: shut it everybody i stabbed him

clone #1, furiously pointing at the footage: he wasn't stabbed you sh*thead, he got shot!

clone #4: yeah with my knife


One of the Clones eagerly suggests a DNA test to prove he’s guilty and the people investigating die inside.


The only one clearly innocent is Fox because he is going to MURDER the brother that beat him to this



Jul 5


in fics where luke gets plopped into the prequels i want every jedi within ten metres of him to think hes the weirdest jedi theyve ever seen. he has negative lightsaber form. he doesnt know what a kata is. he handstands when he meditates. his solution to sith is to try and have a chat. hes a political radical who keeps suggesting revolution. you ask him what the jedi code is and he says "kindness and compassion and helping those in need :) ". you ask how he used the force like that and he says some sh*t about how you are a luminous being limited only by your mind. the councils authority is just a suggestion. he is somehow the new favourite of both qui gon and yoda


Now I'm imagining a situation like in Terry Pratchett's Night Watch where Luke admits to Mace Windu, "I came here from another time."

And Mace looks at Luke's completely unrefined lightsaber style, his profoundly philosophical insights about the Force, his disdain for authority, and his lack of knowledge of Jedi doctrine, and asks, "From how far back?"


@screaming-at-the-wailing-void so do you think Luke would manage to hold a poker face here, or would Mace clock the, “I don’t know how to break this to you,” look from orbit?


Jul 5


Fun thing to note.

We know how Wrecker doesn't like heights. Though in his introductory episode in TCWs, he doesn't seem to mind being on transport ships, even if they're crashing--in the second episode, he's the second pilot of the Marauder (direct contrast to the TBB Wrecker).

So its not Heights persay, and its not Crashing--he may have more of a fear of either open spaces, or High Open Atmosphere. Probably the Space variant of Thallassaphobia.


Hunter is the reverse. Where Wrecker doesn't like being exposed in high open spaces, Hunter will just out-right have impromptu skydiving, no parachute.


Hunter, through out the Bad Batch Arc of TCWs, shows increased aggression when facing against bigger enemies whilst he is in a small room. He repeatedly worries about going into traps, either in high towers with minimal exits, or in space with minimal to no escapes. When backed into the wall by Rex, he shuts down.

Wrecker fears high open spaces...

... But Hunter fears entrapping, closed spaces.



Jul 4



#starwars#the bad batch#tbb#tbb crosshair#star wars memes#tbb memes#dont worry cross we all know youre a big sweetie on the inside



Jul 4


Do you ever have a stupid idea that you just have to get out?


This is absolutely galaxy-brained. Absolute god-tier content. This is why I log onto tumblr every day. I love this so much


Jul 4


Okay, so I I was on wookiepedia, not writing, and ended up on the page where it tally's everyone's kill counts, and saw this:

And I thought, "That can't be right" and looked into it further, and it only had her Season 1 kills.

So, naturally, I went on Youtube and found this video that details the Bad Batch's kill count for all 3 seasons, and it puts Omega at ~21.

Then I realized that the video fail to calculate the casualties caused by the zillo beast, for which Omega is directly responsible, and I looked up the bit of dialogue in which Scorch reports the number of troopers that were taken out by the zillo, which he said was a total of "2 divisions".

Now, according to Wookiepedia, one division consists of 5,000-10,000 soldiers.

So, in total, at the tender age of baby ~13 years out of the tube, Omega's REAL kill count is somewhere along the lines of approximately 10,021-20,021 (clankah's included).

I love her.



Jul 2


"We have the situation under control, sir"

Snow Clones

In celebration of getting a real drawing app, I decided to doodle a bunch of snow-gear bois! I like to think that when the shinies first show up on a snowy planet, it takes them a while to get used to the slippery ice and snow. Thus, chaos ❤😊



Jul 2


comedic gold honestly



Jul 2


hey remember how bail and obi-wan die like hours apart

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