17 Vegetarian Warm and Cozy Soup Recipes (2024)

Soup is the best comfort food on the planet. It’s a part of every culture in some shape or form. Meat complicates soup, which is why this 17 Vegetarian Warm and Cozy Soup Recipes post is perfect! Soups don’t need meat to be hearty and delicious!

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Meatless soups were foreign to me until I met John.e. I actually found it challenging to cook soup without chicken or beef. But, once I mastered a few simple recipes, I now favour vegetarian soups over meat-based soups. I love cream-based soups more than any other kind, and meat just does not go well with cream.

The following soup recipes are great for the vegetarian family, obviously, but even the toughest critic of the vegetarian diet will not be able to deny themselves these delicious soups. Some are heavy and indulgent; some are light and broth-based; others are rustic; while a few are braised and simmered for long periods of time. There really is a soup for everyone in this collection!

Poor Man’s Soup is the best place to start and it’s because I wanted to show you that not only does soup not need meat, it’s also not expensive. A few simple ingredients can make the most delicious and filling soup.

Speaking of inexpensive dishes, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything as inexpensive as root vegetables. I love root vegetables so much; probably because of my upbringing, but that is why I also love this Root Vegetable and Lentil Soup so much. It reminds me of home and simpler times.

This next soup, Red Bean and Bell Pepper Rice Soup, was the result of my need to prepare a soup that was not only super delicious, but also loaded with protein. The vegetarians in my life need good, healthy proteins. And it was so easy to add protein to this soup by adding in the beans!

I promise, this ‘beef’ soup is vegetarian. I will often use textured vegetable protein in place of ground beef. Yves or Gardein are both easily found in most major grocery stores, or even Walmart! This Beef and Pasta Tomato Soup has it all – beef, pasta, and veggies! You can make this soup with real ground beef if you’re so inclined.

Soup never tasted this good and was never this easy. Roasted Carrot and Ginger Soup is simple and rustic; while the roasting process intensifies the carrot flavour, the ginger adds a depth and a complexity to the soup.

A creamy and hearty soup is up next. Made with simple and inexpensive ingredients, Potato and Leek Soup is warming, inviting, and delicious. It’s the perfect cold weather soup that takes only an hour to prepare!

Roasted Sweet Potato Soup is infused with roasted onion, fresh rosemary and thyme. Super flavourful and very creamy, all without adding any dairy to the soup at all. I love that this soup freezes extremely well, so I usually make a double batch.

This next soup is my in-a-hurry, go-to soup recipe. It’s fast and delicious, which makes this 30 Minute Black Bean and Tomato Soup a perfect weeknight dinner fix. Loaded with flavour and protein, this soup is a crowd-pleasing and comforting cold-weather recipe. Serve with nachos and shredded cheese – so good!

Next, we have Stuffed Pepper Soup. This soup is one of those dishes that comes together quickly, feeds a large family, and eliminates the fuss of mixing, stuffing, and baking. All in one big pot, all of the flavours we love in a stuffed pepper, comes together in a delicious soup.

The pleasant flavours of Mexican Vegetable Soup are sure to keep you warm and cozy during the colder days of winter. Made with common root vegetables and flavoured with Mexican-inspired spices, a big bowl of this soup is sure to brighten even the dreariest of days.

The next soup is where vegetarians truly get to rejoice. A hearty beef stew is no longer off limits to the vegetarian loved on in your life. By substituting the beef with chunky, sautéed portabella mushrooms, the recipe maintains its meatiness and texture. Together with root vegetables, Vegetarian Beefless Stew come to life with fresh herbs, and a thick, gravy-like broth.

Delicious, hearty, and full of nutritious ingredients, Spinach and White Bean Soup is good for you and has just the right balance of vegetables, protein, carbohydrates. A well-rounded, feel-good, dinner for all!

Oh, Vegetarian Split Pea Soup, how I adore thee! This vegetarian version of the classic pea soup with ham will finally put to rest that myth that soups cannot be made without meat. Put aside the bacon and say hello to your newest soup obsession!

Next, a warm and hearty soup that’s full of healthy ingredients and the goodness your body needs to fight seasonal colds. Cauliflower and Kale Curry Soup is just the right thing to awaken your lazy winter taste buds!

In an effort to get some grains, more specifically, fiber, into our diets, I made this Vegetable Barley Soup. Super delicious and very hearty, you might want to make extra, because you can easily freeze this soup and re-heat it whenever you want it!

The creamiest, cheesiest most satisfying Cream of Broccoli Cheese Soup that you will ever find is right here. Do you now what I love about this recipe? I save my broccoli stalks and freeze them. Later, when I have enough, I use them to make this soup. What is it they say? Waste not; want not!

I’m saving what I consider to the best for last. My Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup is really, really good. No, I mean like, really!! The roasting part really intensifies the flavour and it’s evident in this soup. Super thick, super hearty, super delicious, super easy, and just look at how super gorgeous too!

When it comes to soup, one can never get enough. I think that’s a very famous Chinese proverb. (Isn’t it?) Well, if it isn’t, it should be, because soup is awesome and delicious and good for you. Can I get an amen? Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, there’s a soup in this post for everyone. Maybe you like a thicker, stew-type soup. If you do, I suggest the Split Pea Soup or the Beefless Stew.

If you like sipping, broth soups, try Poor Man’s Soup or Spinach and White Bean Soup. I like all soups, but if I had to choose, I’d pick the thicker, heartier soups. The good new here is that 17 Vegetarian Warm and Cozy Soup Recipes has all of the bases covered. Now, cook on, Dear Reader; cook on!

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17 Vegetarian Warm and Cozy Soup Recipes (20)

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17 Vegetarian Warm and Cozy Soup Recipes (2024)
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